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Building Bridges will be back soon

After years online without any issues, this blog was attacked by malware that proved too pernicious. Not only were all server files affected but backup files were similarly corrupted. This means this site is being rebuilt from scratch. Stay tuned.


Voodoo Child

One of the things I love about Voodoo Child, the small cafe on College St near Bathurst St is they change their coffee weekly. For someone like me, who likes to try new coffees, new roasters, it is great to have a choice. This morning I had the following choice: I...
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Colour cards obsession

I'm on a yard diet this year. I have no issues with having a stash - my main problem is that most of my stash is carefully curated and I do want to knit all the yarn I have. Unfortunately, I knit very slowly, which means the more yarn I buy, the more anxious I get...
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New beginnings

I started my first blog in 2006 when I moved to Barcelona for a year. My main objective at the time was to have a place where I could write about my life in Barcelona, post some pictures, so that friends and family scattered around the world could know about how I was...
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